Deliciously to value. We are reliable by all menu pricing.
Seasonal cooking except sushi is very abundant, too.
We do business until 3:00 in the selected middle of the night at late time.
Regular sushi 1,000 yen Sashimi assortment 1,500 yen
There are the inside (1,500 yen), the top (2,000 yen), extra special (2,500 yen), too. Including sashimi, delicious menu appears in menu closely.
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Because general resembles Kon Omura; popular name "kon." It has been come to the store Kon Omura.

Business hours From 18:00 to the middle of the night 3:00
Holiday Every Sunday ※We take a rest on Monday in consecutive holidays.
The number of the seats <counter> Ten people 
<table> *2 seat of four people
Parking lot Please use pay parking lot that there is in the outskirts a lot.

jushitokofunika (058) 264-0583
10, Koyanagicho, Gifu-shi, Gifu

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