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Gifu sushi bar guide
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Gifu-shi sushi bar guide

Figure sushi of sweetfish only in Gifu
Founding 1918, the third generation. Chirashi-sushi conveying taste after founding or upper sushi are popular for many years.
  East sushi

Taste and the personality material that it was selected carefully since founding
It is sushi of reputation to hold with the material selected carefully. We prepare according to banquet, Buddhist memorial service etc budget. We take home delivery of cooked foods.
  The sushi beauty

Make lunch, flyer and oddball
Please see a lot of today's recommendation, board in shop. We do it in parent and child good friend, families happily.
  The capital letter cedar branch

"Fishery products" which assent goes to by careful selection
The fresh material to stock using the five senses that we cultivated so far. Moment of "we are good" is very nice.
    We scratch in this

Seasonal cooking except sushi is very abundant, too
Deliciously to value. We are reliable by all menu pricing. We do business until 3:00 in the selected middle of the night at late time.

Seasonal taste including Matsumae sushi
It is founding right in the middle, Yayoicho of Yanagase in 1951. The fresh material, Matsumae sushi are popular with New Year holidays use.
  Sushi is good

Flyer, upper sushi are popular among women
It is new store, but is easy shop of mom and pop operation. Grasp, from flyer, 1,000 yen. Lunch is popular, too.
  Gold sushi

It is merit chiniga motto with the fresh material
Sushi set meal yagoruden winding of noon is popular. We have abundant Hachi-no-ko, change material including spicy oil sushi, too.
  Sushi dragon

We look forward to conversation with customer
We take sushi set meal, banquet of noon. It is half a century from the opening of business. "Good luck friend society" can participate casually.
  Sushi good luck

30 years when relief is good by by 1 perception
As for the lunch, udon or soba and small dish, miso soup with fishmeat, fruit are with. As for Fugu dishes, Tessa dishes, stewed foods, the ceramic ware.
  Sushi dragon

Fresh, delicious seafood
Prefecture only shop of buying direct in Echizen crabs. Pasta with swimming crab, fatty bluefin tuna head are popular with grasping.
  Marufuku sushi

Sushi bar which is the oldest in Gifu city
It is founded in 1917. Special Menu and sushi set meal of noon. At night selected course. It is counter seat.
  Sushi do

Kakamigahara-shi sushi bar guide

Sushi of the carefully selected material and dishes of reputation
By taste and work since founding, continue being loved; and 80. To banquet, 20 people including Buddhist memorial service, we prepare according to budget.

Sushi lunch and popular lunch including seafood bowl
At night from mini-Kaiseki to real Kaiseki. Group takes. It is approximately 7 minutes on foot from Meiden-Kakamigahara Station. There are pickup and drop-off.
  1,000 comfort sushi

From a small number of people great banquet, Buddhist memorial service
Sushi set meals are popular among lunch. Please consult about contents, rate of banquet. There are all-you-can-drink plan, bus pickup and drop-off.

Selected Kotobuki doing the carefully selected material in a row
Continue grasping; 38 years. Lunches such as sushi assortment, three kinds of winding, seafood flyer are popular, too. To banquet approximately 20 people.
  We do New Year's song of celebration Kotobuki

Comfortable space that was surrounded to warm up of tree
At price that makes use of the delicious subject matter in season, and is conscientious as possible. Please feel taste of fish casually.

We are full with seasonal thing casually
Please come to auspicious event, banquet, lunch with friend! We accept banquet approximately 24 people, cooking according to budget.
  Marubi sushi

Let alone grip as for the set meal menu
Arrangement is flexible in customer preference, too. We give miso soup with fishmeat free to sushi for daytime 11-14:00.
  Sushi is like that

It is since the last popularity so as to be able to stand in line
As for the lunchtime, waiting is natural every day for 20-30 minutes. Personality of the staff is good, all the visitors friend.
  Sushi to wait for

Kani-shi sushi bar guide

The fresh material of nature material is policy
Taste of confidence that has been got close to to many people since its formation in 1967. Big things and small things banquet room is equipped and is available to 120 seats.

Tajimi-shi sushi bar guide

Sushi, lunch, noodles, pan, single dish
Harmoniousness, openhearted shop. It is along old R248. Please consult about catering, lunch, home delivery of cooked foods.
  hazakiya sushi

Full-scale sea foods to pile to container of Mino ware
Please use Buddhist memorial service, banquet, dinner meeting in various scenes. We have catered food, lunch reservation tray.

As for the rice, the highest grade material is the freshness first
The cleanliness first, the satisfaction first. Atmosphere that we can eat deliciously. We make an effort to be able to want to come once again.
   Ueno sushi

Toki-shi sushi bar guide

Delicious sushi which comes out of way of craftsman
Shop which grasps heart with customer let alone being particular about the fresh material, vinegared sushi rice since its formation for 40 years.
  Mino sushi

jushitoko boasting east body one conger eel
Thing which is seasonal good thing taste. Have authentic sushi! Please consult about home delivery of cooked foods, catering. About 1-minute walk from station.
  Chicken is lower

We are proud of specially made rolling thickly and beautiful flyer
We keep the making of traditional sushi in mind. We are good at medium-sized gizzard shad, scorpionfish, bluish-skinned fish, glistening-skinned fish including mackerel.
  Pine sushi

Set meal which is lunch, value is popular
It is available in scene ranging from grip to banquet. As for the banquet, 30 people, use of room in small group are OK.

We are struggling in dachi for the second generation for 50 years
Banquet dishes are popularity in group society lunch "sushi set meal" and "nantara tofu" "sea foods banyapauda", too.
  Car sushi

Mizunami-shi sushi bar guide

Wild plants and natural sweetfish, seasonal taste including matsutake mushroom
Seasonal grip including figure sushi and Japanese black beef, grip of basashi are popular in sweetfishs of Gujo, too. We have abundant single dishes, too, and set meal and bowl are popular, too.

Ena-shi sushi bar guide

In room looking at Japanese garden sushi
Nigiri sushi utilized fresh material, sushi banquet dishes are popular. There are more pickup and drop-off in 17-minute walk, group than JR Ena Station.

Catering with sushi is popular
Catering with sushi has been loved for many years. Rice large serving, set meal with full of the volume are popular, too.

Sushi set meal which is delicious with value
Other than sushi, hors d'oeuvre, winter hot pot, banquet are popular, too. It is a 2-minute walk from Ena Station. It is along former Nakasendo highway.
  Treasure sushi

At price reasonable with seasonal foods
We can taste seasonally limited sushi including sweetfish and Hida beef. Local gourmet "Ena hayashi rice is very popular, too".
  Gold sushi

Make Takayama Hida beef; dealer
michiya sushi 25, Aioimachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-0387
We do Gonda Kotobuki 3-609, Nishinoisshikimachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 33-3459
sushiwaka 6-420, Katanomachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 33-0658
Dharma sushi 50-4, Asahimachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-2339
Namihana sushi 3-73, Tenmanmachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-3944
We do Kotobuki with medium 5, Tenmanmachi, Takayama-shi (0577) 32-4094

Gifu sushi dealer association