With Gifu sushi dealer association

 It is body corporate of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare authorization that association of sushi quotient life hygiene trade associations society of the whole country is established based on seieiho, and the headquarters was established in Tokyo in 1961.
 Gifu sushi dealer life hygiene trade association received authorization of Gifu in March, 1975, and they were established. We are active aiming at corporate strategy and business prosperity with association participation store.
●Person who can join association
Prefecture which runs sushi business which is similar to sushi restaurant business and others this in the district,
Anyone can join freedom based on association articles of association.
Please feel free to consult to sushi dealer association.
Association of sushi quotient life hygiene trade associations society of the whole country is this
<association >
Association name Gifu sushi dealer life hygiene trade association
Location 〒 509-7205 40-1, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi Teru Mino Kotobuki hermitage
       TEL (0573) 25-1888
Director Teruo Hayashi

<association business >
  ・ Issuance of sushi ticket
  ・ Internet information dispatch business
  ・ Business of sushi festival
  ・ Circle or yellowtail business
  ・ Insurance, hygiene measures
  ・ Participation of national sushi consecutive national convention
  ・ Financing mediation of Japanese system financing government finance company
  ・ Approach to cable broadcasting charges, karaoke royalty
  ・ It is spread member of an association cards with discount privilege in the whole country

<union officer >
Title Full name Name Address Phone number
Director Teruo Hayashi terijuan 729-1, Tegano, Nakatsugawa-shi 0573-65-7321
Vice-director Ueda bug-eyed person East sushi It is 425, Mokuzaicho in Gifu-shi 058-262-1858
Vice-director Yasuhiko Takeuchi Chitose 6-28, Unumakakamigaharacho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-385-1563
Vice-director Tadamasa Sato wisteria chu 2-22, Honmachi, Tajimi-shi 0572-22-4650
Vice-director shikawako* Mino sushi 43-8, Izumichokujiri, Toki-shi 0572-54-6318
Executive managing director Tatsuro Imai Sushi good luck 2-29, Kuruwamachihigashi, Ogaki-shi 0584-81-1381
Permanent director Teruo Kamino We do kabi*ju Nakanishinomachi, Kakamigahara-shi 058-382-0803
Director Isami Sasaki Fujiya 12, Koyanagicho, Gifu-shi 058-262-3712
Director Yoshiyuki Sato Do, and quit; the head office 9, Yayoicho, Gifu-shi 058-262-1469
Director Munehisa Okamoto Gold sushi 10-4, Kaburagicho, Gifu-shi 058-264-6944
Director Mitsuyoshi Kawamura Make Kotobuki; cheap branch 4, Koyanagicho, Gifu-shi 058-262-2809
Director ishiden* We do New Year's song of celebration Kotobuki Soharanoguchicho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-383-1720
Director Yasuhiro Asano Kitahachi 8, Nakahonmachi, Kakamigahara-shi 058-383-5788
Director Tsunehisa Tanaka Tanaka of sushi Kakamigahara-shi Naka firmness ka hill 2-72 058-383-6821
Director Kazuo Matsuo Pine sushi Tokitsuchotokiguchi, Toki-shi
Director rimman Gold sushi 1085, Osashimachokusumi, Ena-shi 0573-25-7212
Inspector Takahiro Shimizu We do Marufuku Kotobuki 5-72, Hikie, Gifu-shi 058-279-0184
Inspector Kazuhisa Yamamoto 1,000 comfort 3-2, Unumamitsuikecho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-384-0084

Gifu sushi dealer association TEL (0573) 25-1888
MAP in 509-7205 40-1, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi, Gifu Teru Mino Kotobuki hermitage