Gold sushi

Please enjoy seasonal foods at reasonable price.
We can taste seasonally limited sushi or sweetfish.
We take local gourmet "Ena hayashi rice".
Seafood bowl 990 yen Sushi tempura set meal 1,450 yen
The seafood material more than ten kinds appears. It is red, and dessert is included. There is salad bar at lunchtime. Sushi, tempura, stewed grilled fish, chawanmushi, dessert. Our restaurant is set meal which is value of popularity. There is salad bar at lunchtime.

★There is salad bar at lunchtime.
★We can taste local gourmet "Ena hayashi rice, too".
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★Is car by car than five minutes, Ena interchange than JR Ena Station; approximately two minutes.
★We take to and from by reservation that is higher than ten people, 27 self-introduction microbuses.

Business hours From 11:00 to 14:00, from 17:00 to 21:30
Holiday Every Wednesday
The number of the seats <counter> Nine people
<the small up> *3 seat of six people
<room> 30 people, eight people
Parking lot 15 (we add to store)

Sushi gold sushi (0573) 25-7212
1085-9, Osashimachokusumi, Ena-shi, Gifu

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