Sushi bean knowledge

Recent children, the most favorite food are sushi!
Of course it is popular for all generations. We took away sushi bar, conveyor belt sushi, home delivery of cooked foods of town and came to be able to eat sushi in shopping, online sale, various forms including meeting.

Sushi popularity now and international meal to spread through the world!
Sushi opens steadily in the world. Opportunity had much one from sushi being healthy, but taste was gradually understood, and people that favorite was sushi increased, and it was in "international meal". Sushi has much material except fishery products for sense called sandwich using rice in substitution for bread abroad, too.

Representative Japanese foods that sushi is healthy!
World wide shitoiedo, longevity country Japan first in that. Sushi carries one end of food culture that is the long-lived main factor. We attract attention in both the country and the world.
It is rich to necessary nourishment and is low-calorie
Various nutrients are included in fishery products becoming the material of sushi.
It is included only in fishery products with DHA ... food. There is work to let brain activate and raises memory and teachability and is material which is essential to brain which is effective in preventing senile dementia.
Be included a lot in blue fish of EPA ... back and decrease blood cholesterol and neutral fat, and there is work to control giko of blood and prevents geriatric diseases such as cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction.
Be included a lot in taurine ... prawns, squid, octopus, Crustacea and mollusk including scallop and reduce neutral fat and reduce blood cholesterol level and prevent high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.
Besides, it is ...
"Vitamin A" which is included a lot in conger eel, sea urchin makes function of eyes better and we strengthen skin and mucous membrane and raise resistance.
"Vitamin B complex" which mackerel and flatfish have much is effective in relieving fatigue.
There is an effect in "mineral" which is generic names such as "calcium" that "potassium" and medium-sized gizzard shad and salmon roe have much "Lin" in nosebleed and nerve sedation for abundant "iron" to shellfish and helps the prevention of osteoporosis.
"Vitamin D" included in mackerel or salmon helps absorption of calcium.

Why does grip of sushi exit by 2 perception?
There is not meaning in particular, but is said to be as it was price that is odd whether 1 perception is with 75 yen in old days when which by 2 perception started is easy to calculate.
Visitor said to that by 1 perception grasps by 1 can as we become full as soon as it is by 2 perception as we want to eat all types of sushi comes.

Reason that teacup of sushi bar has a big
While a lot of sushi bars of stand received orders in sequence in last years of Edo era, we seemed to make sushi. We give tea and we handle calculation alone and are very busy.
Visitor does not order tea many times, too and finishes, and big teacup is convenient as tea is hard to cool down.

Reason why tea of sushi bar is hot
There is much fat depending on sushi. When fat is left in mouth, taste of sushi to eat next is reduced to half. Therefore tea which is hot to dissolve for left fat in mouth with hot tea is started.

How to eat that we stand, and filling is up to professional standard
It is to eat sushi at counter without standing, and using = chopsticks. At first we pick up "garri" and eat. Nigiri-zushi bends forefinger and controls at finger-tip. Then it becomes figure suppressing both sides of sushi with thumb and the middle finger naturally. We just pick up, and the material gets on tongue in purple (soy sauce) charge account, mouth with showing stomach of vinegared sushi rice in the other side, and doing lengthwise.

Excellent supporting role of sushi is wasabi
It is the Chari, the material, wasabi, purple that constitute taste of sushi. These four nno Balance is important. It is wasabi to have charm that only Japanese in particular understands in that. It is merely the truth height of chic person to taste flavor as well as stimulation to be hard.

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