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We are loved for many years in town of dachi for 50 years and are struggling for the second generation.
Lunch "sushi set meal" and "nantara tofu" "sea foods banyapauda."
Banquet dishes are popular among group society, too.
Seafood Bagna cauda 800 yen Mochi pork miso hotpot 1,000 yen
We finished sea foods which we accepted at prawns, time including scallop to Italian food. ※Content varies according to time. Popular menu using specially made self miso. We selected carefully with meat correct most.
nantara tofu 400 yen
As for the details, please see lower menu list.
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Please enter town of dachi from rainbow line (prefectural road Route 66).
It is "Maruyama intersection" corner with straight from the Toki area.
dachi is the "bowl" birthplace. All the calibers using in shop are from hometown (Mino ware).
Tuesday, Thursday "barrel high Day"
Lemon or lime or one cup of blue apple at half price 400 yen → 200 yen

Business hours From 11:30 to 13:30, from 17:30 to 23:30
Holiday Every Thursday (lunch is closed on month, Thursday and Friday.)
The number of the seats <counter> 20 ten people <room>
Parking lot Two ※We can park in the outskirts.

Snacks food bunch car sushi (0572) 59-8553
1772-3, Dachicho, Toki-shi, Gifu

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