By cable broadcasting in store moisture and vigor
Admission fee 31,500 yen exemption. Monthly basis fee for use 25% discount!

In broadcasting BGM music in conformity to type of industry item of atmosphere of store and shop,
We can direct various effects of shop image.
It is BGM broadcast service that had 156 programs selected carefully.
As for J-pop, songs and ballads enka ballad, JAZZ, R & B, classical music, healing, the animation,
We prepare for various various music.
From "seasonal channel for a limited time" to "classic menu of store BGM,"
As we can utilize various music, we can create charm of shop effectively.
We direct music that we accepted by simple setting in season, time automatically at will!
About privilege from "CAN system"
With privilege of union member, it is 0 yen (tax-included)
New participation charges 31,500 yen is free exemption!
For union member, this is 0 yen, too
Antenna, exclusive tuner rent with zu ... gratis, too.
To union member, this discounts by 25% But, in the case of cancellation, please return contract
Use of monthly basis charges are 12,600 yen a year cost cuts at 25% discount in standard shop.
80 channel contract broadcast charges monthly basis 4,000 yen (tax-excluded) monthly basis 3,000 yen (tax-excluded)
In the case of broadcast charges annual payment, it becomes discount for one month. (we estimate wiring construction cost separately)

Satellite digital music channel
To cable broadcasting (CAN system)

Privilege TOP Is common nationwide; ticket The Internet Fraternal insurance Cable broadcasting Karaoke fee for use discount
Union member card Low interest financing   Discount special treatment of famous facility

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