Union member card issuance
8,700 facilities of the whole country discount, and they treat warmly!

With union member card participation!
Authoritative gold card
We only show "union member card", and the point is double!
Supermarket for duties
While "the material has profit", and, for sushi restaurant, sales are sluggish,
We stock, and reduction in cost is extremely nice!
Usage is easy! We show "union member card" you have at the time of cash register payment.
We point only union member and double!
★We collect points and are discounted by 1,000 yen for cash discount (example) 50,000 yen on the spot.
Amica HP is this

1, summary of union member card
Only union member of Gifu sushi dealer association can join.
Card is given by representative name, and privilege is received only family, employee.
We attach registration number to member individual, and, only as member's card, use of discount of partner facilities of the whole country is received, and there is country tie-up by throughout the prefecture area unit other than various services, too and is big merit for union member.
We update fee for 500 yen (in three years) every validity of 3 years.
By tie-up with RESORT SOLUTION which is company where is specialized in welfare program business, we come by use of discount in famous hotels, inns, golf courses, amusement parks, sports facilities of the whole country, 8,700 places including sightseeing spot.
Above all, we can use direct management hotel from the 4,000 yen level.
Reservation is easy. We only call exclusive telephone of facility use, and reservations are produced just to convey the name and registration number, use facility, use day. Even family, employee are available by representative name registration.
 We would like application for participation to the Gifu sushi dealer association secretariat.

2, tie-up
It is member system which RESORT SOLUTION (old name Misawa Resort) which assumed Mitsui Fudosan biggest shareholder runs.
In detail
It is Clik! in life-support HP
Membership is company specialized in welfare program business proud of the best scale in Japan to in 1,160,000 people now.
Fee of general company is 4,200 yen a year,
As union member is contract especially, it is super bargain with 500 yen for three years.
8,700 places are bargain in total in approximately 5,000 places of partner accommodations, golf course approximately 1,400 places, sightseeing or other facility approximately 2,200 places whole country, and member is available other than 42 places of direct management accommodations of "life-support club" extending over the whole country, golf course 26 places.
As we contract as member of sushi dealer association, these facilities are available to union members, too.
3, operation <we perform receptionist who focused on convenience of user>
We get reservation by all means if we do schedule premeditatedly as we accept reservation for one year (there is some exclusion).
As we make a reservation on day of celebration and accept on Saturday and Sunday, it is possible for reservation application in families slowly in consultation with holiday.
We make a reservation even if we think at midnight as we accept for 24 hours and can apply.
We can use reservation system from telephone, FAX, WEB, i-mode.
We discount by the window presentation of member's card, and paid facility entrance of sightseeing spot where does not need reservation is applied.
By union member card the following facilities
You can use with reduced fare

Member system of RESORT SOLUTION
"Life-support club" guidance
With life-support club
It is member system that RESORT SOLUTION (former name Misawa Resort) runs Mitsui Fudosan as biggest shareholder.
Direct management facility (42 places of accommodations, 1,645 rooms.of "life-support club" where 1,160,000 people, member extend over the whole country as for the membership now Of 26 places of golf courses), partner facility (accommodation, about 5,000 places, golf course about 1,400 point, tourist facility, life-related number of the menus, approximately 2,200 places) in total about 8,700 point in the whole country facility is available at a bargain price.
As we contract as member of club in association, these facilities are available to all of association participation shops, too.
It is welfare program business for union member. Please inflect.
Method of application
Union members are comprised of registration number of member card (association identification cord 8 figure, metropolis and districts cord 2 figure, branch office cord 3 beam full name cord 2 figure) 16 figure in total, and this number does not repeat.
Application introduces your card number into the following application exclusive telephones, and please apply for facility which you want to use.
Other than hotel, inn, trip, recreation sports facility, golf course, restaurant, sightseeing spot admission, life related facility is available at a bargain price. Besides, it is super bargain with 500 yen for three years as fee is group contract especially. (member of company is usually monthly basis fee, 350 yen, annual fee, 4,200 yen)
In addition, family, employee are available to storekeepers by the name of storekeeper from the start, too.
<application exclusive telephone>
Tokyo 03-3344-8888
Nagoya 052-201-4830
Osaka 06-6244-9236
Person who wants to know contents service of facility in detail,
You are for ① "resort & travel" A4 where all facilities were published in, and please demand page 656, guidebook of 291 pages of ② "life". (it includes one 1,000 yen, postage)

All these facility is available!
For example, of your neighborhood
 Such a place is available cheaply, too!
Forest, Hida Takayama Museum of Art of Hida Takayama festival, Shin-Hotaka ropeway
Hida University stalactite cave, village of Hida, Furukawa Festival hall, Garyu Onsen
Gero Onsen joining hands village, meguminakyoyu*sen, hakuishikan, village of pastoral
kuarizoto Yubunezawa, kagamihara National Air and Space Museum
Kinkasan ropeway, Orient health land, ... including Nagara River outdoor

656 pages of resort & travel guidebook A4 versions
●Facility name (rate changes all as follows in rate, day before holiday on weekdays)
 Direct management hotel
RESORT SOLUTION shop  <normal rate> <reduced fare>
Sapporo Hotel 330 Grande Sapporo    10,395 yen 4,725 yen
Arimax Hotel 330 Sapporo 12,705 yen 4,725 yen
Hakodate fuittonesuhoteru 330 Hakodate 8,855 yen 4,000 yen
Asahikawa fuittonesuhoteru 330 Asahikawa   8,855 yen 4,000 yen
Tokyo Chofu Hotel Twins Tokyo Chofu 6,500 yen 4,725 yen
Sagamihara Sagamihara Grand Hotel 6,825 yen 5,500 yen
Fujisawa Intelligence hotel 330 Fujisawa 7,000 yen 4,000 yen
Yokosuka hoterutorinitei Yokosuka 8,050 yen 6,300 yen
Nagoya fuittonesuhoteru 330 Nagoya 6,930 yen 4,000 yen
Gifu Hotel 330 Grande Gifu 6,930 yen 4,000 yen
Kurashiki Hotel 330 Grande Kurashiki 7,980 yen 4,000 yen
Sasebo Sasebo city hotel 6,600 yen 4,620 yen
 Direct management golf course
rizotosoryushon direct management green fee rate. Rate changes by season.
Fukushima Yabuki golf club    Weekdays 5,100 yen ... 6,300 yen
Tochigi Nasu Italy Tamano country club Weekdays 4,800 yen ... 7,800 yen
Utsunomiya garden golf club Weekdays 6,400 yen ... 6,900 yen
Ibaraki Kuji garden golf club Weekdays 5,650 yen ... 6,650 yen
Chiba Block style of Chinese character country club Weekdays 7,842 yen ... 9,417 yen
Saitama North Musashi country club Weekdays 7,000 yen ... 8,500 yen
Yamanashi buriteisshugadenkurabu Weekdays 7,425 yen ... 8,475 yen
Shizuoka Dai Atami Kokusai Golf club Weekdays 7,850 yen ... 8,950 yen
Aichi Toyota public golf course Weekdays 7,500 yen
Mie Kazushi Golf Club Weekdays 7,500 yen ... 8,300 yen
Toba country club Weekdays 7,500 yen ... 8,500 yen
Hyogo O Saint golf club Weekdays 7,540 yen ... 8,690 yen
Aioi country club Weekdays 6,000 yen
Okayama Mimasaka country club Weekdays 7,000 yen ... 8,500 yen
Hiroshima Yachiyo country club Weekdays 6,500 yen ... 7,600 yen
Kumamoto Higo country club Weekdays 8,800 yen (belonging to kyadei)
Kagoshima Kagoshima golf resort Weekdays 6,500 yen ... 6,980 yen
    ※ As other partner golf courses, 107 points are available with reduced fare in the whole country.
    ※ Reservation is possible with whole country approximately 1,400 course.

 Other hotels①
       All the following hotels are with half board, 7,500 yen ...
Hokkaido R & S fuittonesuhoteru Asahikawa Hokkaido The R & S KKR Asahikawa Univ. snowy mountains
Hokkaido R & S hotel 330 Grande Sapporo Hokkaido R & S fuittonesuhoteru 330 Hakodate
Tochigi R & S hotel Nasu one teahouse Chiba R & S hotel Tateyama Malin side
Chiba Forest cottage of R & S life Kanagawa R & S hoterutorinitei Yokosuka
Kanagawa R & S hotel Hakone yua GORA Kanagawa R & S hotel Hakone my (my) Gora
Kanagawa Mt. R & S hotel Hakone Kozuka Kanagawa R & S hotel Manazuru ocean view
Nagano R & S hotel Polygonaceae Bira TASS  Nagano Mt. R & S hotel Polygonaceae width
Shizuoka R & S hotel Yugawara myriad green leaves park Gifu R & S hotel 330 Grande Gifu
Mie R & S hotel Yunoyama location Okayama R & S hotel 330 Grande Kurashiki
Oita  Mt. R & S hotel Yufuin Ohara Oita R & S KKR Midori Beppu mountain cottage
Kagoshima R & S Pricia Resort Yoron
 Other hotels②
       All the following hotels are with half board, 7,500 yen - 10,500 yen
Hokkaido Abashiri View Park resort, forest hotel owl which came of river hot water, excellent hot water, hotel stratus,
Jozankei, Hotel Shikanoyu, hotel grand toe shop, Toya tourist hotel, Niseko Grand Hotel,
Niseko hirafu, hoterunosufuirudo, Hakodate tourist hotel, Yunokawa, Yunohama hotel,
  Yunokawa, Hotel Banso, Yunokawa, hot-bath resort Irigawa
Tohoku Oirase Green Hotel, Lake Towada Green Hotel, bush warbler hotels *gakuen,
Lake Tazawa Sunrise hotel, Hanesawa Onsen, hotel colored leaves building, Ueyama, Azuma shop annex wisteria and inn,
Accommodation Kano of person of Ueyama, omen Marumi, Anabara hot spring, Izumi and Iizaka, late riser,
Accommodation new Matuba of Iizaka, the season best, hot water Western-style hall stylish hotel of Higashiyama, waterfall, hot water tsu storehouse shirasse
Go, and impossible so, Ikaho, hotel come Manza Onsen hotel Manza; irregularity, Kawaji, Sanmitei Kouwa,
Hotel natural, garden Nikko, inubosaki, Hamaya Hotel, hot-spring ryokan beach purple of incense of Kujukuri, waterfall,
Awakomogawa, seaside excellent hot water hotel, Kaiko garden, Chikura, fish print-so Suzuki-ya, Shirahama sky resort hotel,
Futtsu, Kiyoshi Takeoka indigo plant-so, stone sum, green arbor on the water yamabuki, stone sum, Japanese-style hotel hotel miwa,
Lake Yamanaka lodge Flowers bloom beautifully and the moon shines bright, Lake Yamanaka lodge Kagetsuen, Madarao, diamond Madarao,
Yudanaka, hotel Hoshikawa building, Shiga Kogen hotel ichibokaku, Hakuba Royal Hotel, Hotel Hakuba,
Lake Aoki, Hotel blue lake & resort, Omachi, Kurobe Kanko Hotel, norikurano hot water dance,
katakura *hoko hotel, Lake Shirakaba lakeside hotel sankokaku, large hot water, Hotel hot-bath resort,
Muikamachi, hotel Sakado Castle, shukukokumokaku of Myoko, good luck
Tokai Hokuriku shukushokawaonsentembokaku, Katayamazu of Asahi-machi setting sun are good,
Kohama, Wakasa Malin plaza, stone bridge inn, Yumigahama, hotel mountains and seas,
summatakyo, mountain hot water building, Mikawamiya, sound of boiling water in a teakettle garden, Higaki Hotel,
Minamichita, sightseeing inn decoration and storehouse, cotton rose-so of wild boar, Futami, hotel seikai,
Toba Osatsu, denyo, hotel Matsunami
Kinki Amanohashidate, auberge Amanohashidate, Kyoto city hotel, Kansai Airport, Kansai Airport hotel garden palace,
China Mihonoseki, Fukumakan, Tamatsukuri, Tamatsukuri Kokusai Hotel, Akitakata, noh dance door front hot spring cure village
Shikoku Shodoshima, beach side hotel Kashima-so
Kyushu Yame, relaxing forest Greenpia Yame, Hirato, Chisato Hirato ke beach hot spring hotel orchid style,
Accommodation Ikoinomura Nagasaki of Isahaya, famous clear water, south Seki, hoterusekia, Aso, Aso Villa Park Hotel
Okinawa Naha, Okinawa Rainbow Hotel
 Other hotels③
       All the following hotels are with half board, 9,500 yen - 12,500 yen
Kinugawa, Hotel New Sakura, accommodation Okutonekan of the water, open-air bath, Takayama, fold Plaza Hotel,
Hermitage of Mt. Mt. Hotaka-so, Atami, Hotel Sunmi Club Bekkan, Izuhokkawa, Hokkawa Onsen hotel,
Atagawa, Hotel Shinayoshi, inland sea, call sail-so, hoteruburumeria, bush clover, the bush clover Grand Hotel heavens,
It is Hotel Katsuragi, Beppu, Beppu Hotel refreshing breeze after the way
 Other hotels④
     National hot-spring hotel, resort hotel, city hotel, 2,234 facilities including pension
※ For more details, please buy catalogue which all facilities were published in.
       Hokkaido 195 facility Tohoku 212 facility North Kanto 157 facility South Kanto 204 facility
       Koshinnetsu 312 facility 342, Tokai facility Hokuriku 90 facility Kinki 250 facility
       Chinese 141 facility Shikoku 78 facility Kyushu 190 facility Okinawa 63 facility
 Rental vacation cottage
      Overnight room without meals rate 16,000 yen ... per one villa place 10 point
      Nasu Kogen, Lake Yamanaka, Yatsugatake, Karuizawa, Shiga Kogen, Polygonaceae,
      Yugawara, Izu Kogen, Izu Akazawa, south Atami
 The particularly partner accommodations
     All weekday room without meals rate
   Chiba, Mitsui Garden Hotel Chiba 5,000 yen, Funabashi, Mitsui Garden Hotel Funabashi La La Port 4,800 yen,
   Oak, Mitsui Garden Hotel oak 7,875 yen, Ginza, Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza 8,400 yen,
   Urayasu, Mitsui Garden Hotel Prana Tokyo Bay 4,410 yen,
   Shimbashi, Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome Italy street 7,035 yen, Kamata, Mitsui Garden Hotel Kamata 6,000 yen,
   Kyoto, Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Article 3 5,800 yen, Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Article 4 5,800 yen,
   Osaka, Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Yodoyabashi 4,500 yen, Okayama, Mitsui Garden Hotel Okayama 6,000 yen,
   Hiroshima, Mitsui Garden Hotel Hiroshima 6,000 yen, Kumamoto, Mitsui Garden Hotel Kumamoto 6,400 yen,
   Forest 4,830 yen of Polygonaceae, resort hotel lodge Mitsui
 Tourist facilities of the whole country
   In the case of entrance, we discount by the card presentation (celebrity tourist facilities of the whole country)
      Huis Ten Bosch, YOMIURI LAND, Sanrio Puroland, Shima Spain village,
      Toei Uzumasa Eiga-Mura, Hamanako pal pal, Fujikyu Highland, ... including Lake Biwa Michigan 
     It is usable in tourist facilities of the whole country!

Others include a lot of life-related services including MEGANETOP, too.

In detail
It is Clik! in HP

Privilege TOP Is common nationwide; ticket The Internet Fraternal insurance Cable broadcasting Karaoke fee for use discount
Union member card Low interest financing   Discount special treatment of famous facility

Gifu sushi dealer association TEL(0584) 81-1381 FAX(0584) 81-1381
MAP in 503-0886 2-17, Kuruwamachihigashi, Ogaki-shi, Gifu sushi good luck