Support plan customer to shop prosperity is usable with pleasure, too
Discount special treatment of famous facility!

It is available a year
Staying in Gifu sushi dealer association participation shop special treatment!
We support refreshment of important customer come to the store.
Accommodation of the Okuhida Onsengo source
Accommodation "doctor noyu Honjin" of the source
   Contract spread especially in the year!
Visiting outdoor baths which are various with three sources and spring qualities.
Hot water is flowing constantly from the source.
Dinner prepares specialty hearth banquet dishes.
It is value amount of money,
We never disappoint expectation of customer

Hot spring bamboo steamer steaming, hearth banquet dishes

The entrance

Yakushi Onsen (hot water of lapis lazuli)

New source excavation completion commemorative plan With half board
(it includes consumption tax, bath tax)

There is accommodation complimentary ticket
in Gifu sushi dealer association participation shop.
Complimentary ticket sample
The weekdays use
(usable on Sunday)
One four people
December, January, February March, April 7,800 yen
November, May, June, July, September 9,800 yen
August, October 12,800 yen
        ★ Use of three people up of 1000 yen per person
        ★ Use of two people up of 1500 yen per person
        ★ Primary schoolchild, infant is 70% of adults
In addition, we assist some rates from association.
□ We make a reservation with hotel directly, and the use is accommodation, payment □
  "Bear ranch" entrance adult @ 1,000 yen → 300 yen dwarf @ 500 yen → 200 yen
Three sources and accommodation with two spring qualities
Yakushi Onsen (hot water of moonlight) Gonge Onsen (Kengen-no-Yu)
Northern Alps hot spring (hot water of Nikko) Yakushi Onsen (hot water of the Buddha of Healing)
To doctor noyu Honjin HP

Suite specifications that all attracts guest room in Kaku Takashina
 ・・・ reservation from two people
Nakao Heights hotel
Twin (per person) weekdays 20,000 yen (tax-excluded)
         From November 15, 2010 to April 22, 23
Each room conflicts with natural scenery in extensive space,
Panorama which we can look at is with bath.
All the furniture of room treats traditional Hida furniture.
Meal depends on specialized patishie with contracted chef
We can thoroughly enjoy original French course.

To Nakao Heights hotel HP

Pickup and drop-off plan easily free in the winter season from J R Takayama Station
Period Until H22 11 a year 15 days a month - H23 four a year 22 days a month
(the time) 11:00 from 15:00 Oku-hida from Takayama Station
There were other such privileges. Please wait until season.
From July to August
Present of Gifu sushi dealer association participation shop summer!
Summer superman mind spot becomes cheaper.
Popularity that is explosive in primary and secondary student!
Nagashima spar land
Jumbo seawater pool
One of the world's largest seawater pools!
In 10 pools 18 sliders.
Running water pool, slider for child, latest attraction pool
We color summer night sky dynamically
We start at fireworks size contest 20:00 day after day
"Island of bathing can use Nagashima Onsen, too".
1.There are three kinds discount auxiliary ticket.

Island of bathing
Adult use
Primary and secondary student business
Infant use
2.Facility admission of top season of popularity is 20%% off.
   To support shop of ..., union member why it becomes cheaper,
                    gifuken eating and drinking association offers subsidy.
3.Is how to use various? It is up to idea.
① We go in families. We go in young son family. Part employee goes.
② We are presented to customer of meal. (to one once one piece)
③ Because we seem to have regular customer please, we present.
④ We want to use for sales promotion of shop effectively.
4.The number of distribution includes limit.
   Please use auxiliary ticket carefully.
To Nagashima resort HP

It is stain special performance Misonoza Theatrical from 9 to 30 on July in 2011 Tendo
Hidekazu Akai special appearance Kyoko Mitsubayashi, Bundo Soganoya, Jun Eto, Ishihara atsu bita
Couple thing which is heartwarming on the stage of Osaka full of the couple zenzai lateral biography shelter love poem old downtown atmosphere is enough.
Yoshimi Tendo onstage
 We prepare A seat! 14,000 yen notokoro 11,000 yen
Please choose day desired from designation day of association. ※We bear a part of the expense in association.
 Furthermore, we give lunch free in particular!  Homepage is this place

Shimura spirit fool contras Eve middle day theater from 16 to 31 on July in 2011
On Ken Shimura company sixth performance "day on Hatsuuma" again!
Look at ostrich club, Isoyama sheath or Emi Kobayashi; Hiro et al.
   Stupid lord, contras Eve, Ken Shimura Tsugaru samisen "*rammai" on "day on Hatsuuma" (than Shochiku New Comedy)
 5,000 yen surprised for A seat 9,500 yen
Please choose day desired from designation day of association. ※We bear a part of the expense in association.
Homepage is this place

We are presented by union members!
Lily garden west biggest in Japan grade that 3,600,000 of them are in full glory
"Dyna land lily garden"
admission ticket present!
It is four pieces set first arrival 100 400 people every shop
One adult @ 1,000 yen → Free invitation

<in the one you like>
Please apply for self-addressed envelope to the association headquarters by enclosure.

Super special contract (for a limited time) with "stone museum Expo stone building"
            Search for jewel experience or maze, bedrock bath under the ground are fun

Admission charges Adult @ 800 yen → 400 yen Great! 50% discount
Child @ 500 yen → 250 yen
Search for admission charges + jewel experience
(30 minutes)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, spring vacation limitation
Adult @ 1,600 yen → 800 yen
Child @ 1,300 yen → 800 yen

There is discount ticket
in Gifu sushi dealer association participation shop especially.
Complimentary ticket sample
※Expiration date from December 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010
※Weekday treasure hunt experience in time limit becomes the other venue, and it is 500 yen /15 share interval need to admission charges separately.
To HP of hakuishikan

Privilege TOP Is common nationwide; ticket The Internet Fraternal insurance Cable broadcasting Karaoke fee for use discount
Union member card Low interest financing   Discount special treatment of famous facility

Gifu sushi dealer association TEL(0584) 81-1381 FAX(0584) 81-1381
MAP in 503-0886 2-17, Kuruwamachihigashi, Ogaki-shi, Gifu sushi good luck