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From Saturday, October 25 to November 3 (celebration) plan
Gifu agriculture Festival
Saturday, October 25 .26 days Sunday
 We carry out "local production for local consumption Week gifu" to have you have you know special product of Gifu more and eat.
 We approve of purpose and recruit ideas of participation and approach of all of company, group, municipalities working on practice of local production for local consumption during period.

Challenge without 2014 Asahi Super Dry limit
Super Dry evolution. We realize sharp eminent drinkability that bitter taste just goes berserk more and improves taste, smooth bubble and evolve to dry in the next generation. We contribute to prosperity of your store by support and brand power, various support that we piled up since release.

The city with much annual expenditure per one household is Gifu
Comment of sushi dealer association was published, too! 

[area ranking judging from data]  Jiji Press December, 2013 delivery

We ask for voluntary check of food indication. (news of false indication occurs frequently)
It is prevented check false indication of indication about food 

・Kind and kind, production center of food using as ingredients are different from indication
・It is groundless and, "choice," is shown "excellence" if superior to others including "high quality"
  ※I would like confirmation about notice or handbill in shop.

Restaurant reform seminar & Adviser dispatch! Free of charge
We hold management lecture [restaurant reform seminar] as part of foods business promotion to be connected directly with local consumption in Gifu. In addition, we carry out [specialized adviser dispatch]. Owner is unmissable!

We updated for new data
It is the truth that citizens of Gifu have much eating out number of times!

According to "family budget survey that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau carried out," it was the second place "Gifu-shi" that was prefectural seat of Gifu in ranking according to the metropolis and districts agency location and ordinance-designated city general eating out offtake.

We can be cut down without moving! We support wage charges, rent reduction!
New suggestion of cost reduction! Wage charges reduction service
Did owner work on reduction of wage charges (rent) daringly?

Cooperation start with fresh foods Surugaya!
Food with store is super in Hida Takayama and Hidafurukawa.
Fresh foods Surugaya and cooperation begin.
There came to be privilege at the time of point ticket exchange!

Nakatsugawa-shi Amica shop
Open newly!

Super "Amica" for duties 
We are helpful very much
"Member of an association card" you have
We show at time of cash register payment.
We point only member of an association and double.

For admission entrance to school of family child of shop!
To calculation set and stationery.
It is all seven kinds of 330 pieces in A4.
We can choose in various ways.

Dry non-alcoholic birth!
Aftertaste that dry throat goshito is clear
Non-alcoholic beer which came out
We are sold newly on February 21

◆Under recruitment of Gifu sushi bar guide new publication shops◆
Association homepage and Gifu sushi bar guide were completed. We update steadily from now on! Please see information of association. In addition, we are raising publication shops desired to Gifu sushi bar guide still more. Yahoo! As you are published in local people and Gifu gourmet restaurant guide, please inflect for advertising for customer service.

Gifu sushi dealer association (0573) 25-1888
MAP in 509-7205 40-1, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi, Gifu Teru Mino Kotobuki hermitage