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"Sushi kingdom" Look for this!

 There was image called high-quality article which sushi ate in shop of personal management, but in late years specialty stores of conveyor belt sushi restaurant and take-out (lunch) increased and became able to taste at reasonable price. Therefore we looked for "sushi kingdom" from two indexes this time.

 At first, based on economic general survey (as of February, 12) and population (as of October 1, 12) by estimate, we calculated sushi restaurant every metropolis and districts.

 Then, as for the number of the sushi restaurants per a population of 100,000 people, Yamanashi is the first place in 33.9 stores. By Ishikawa (32.1), Tokyo (28.8), Shizuoka (24.4), order called Hokkaido (24.0), Yamanashi without the sea is the top of the whole country as follows.

 Why is it? Manabu Uetsuki curator of Yamanashi Prefectural museum (Fuefuki-shi) says, "sushi shop was already written in worth country (Yamanashi) for documents of the Edo era that many" and we do and ask for reason why there are many shops and explain.

 It "may seem inland disadvantageous condition unexpectedly that there are many sushi bars. However, it was common to do "task" including (zuke) to soak in soy sauce which occupied with vinegar which sushi of the Meiji era did not just pick up the raw material from the late Tokugawa period, and boiled all salt, and did. Sushi was slight preservation food. Sushi gave fish in form that it was raw and was near from earnings like Yamanashi overnight in such land at the earliest and has been liked as dishes which we could appreciate"

 It is that there is background that historic, is geographical in one with many sushi restaurants. That reminds me special product "dish simmered in shellfish of Yamanashi of abalone" was born to store marine products. In "Yamanashi without the sea, marine products were feasts", and explanation called (Uetsuki curator) is very persuasive.


 Let's see another index. By household economy survey (more than 2 households, prefectural office location city and ordinance-designated city distinction, 10-12 yearly average) of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we checked sushi (eating out). Then city where there is the most annual expenditure per one household is 19,293 yen in Gifu. We follow by Kanazawa (18,199 yen), Utsunomiya (17,818 yen), Nagoya (16,929 yen), order called Kagoshima (16,081 yen) as follows. By the way, prefectural office location city, Kofu of Yamanashi who was number one in Japan by "sushi shop density" are the eleventh place.

 By the way, why is it that Gifu citizen likes sushi? Yoshiharu Makino, executive managing director of Gifu sushi dealer life hygiene trade association nominates "civic eating out enthusiast" for the reason. It is because the first place, western dishes come second in Japanese dishes, Chinese food as well as sushi by above household economy survey in Gifu. In the first place it is, "Gifu citizen likes eating out not only sushi". Gifu comes second in 207,780 yen on seeing eating out costs by household economy survey nationwide next to Tokyo ward to support it.

 Then why does Gifu citizen like eating out?

 "Eating out is extension of entertainment for Gifu citizen. It is common to enjoy eating out not making dishes in house if family or daughter, grandchildren whom we married into gather together (forward Executive Managing Director Makino)

 Gifu-shi was higher then we had taken up cafe charges in this column before (surprising town shining in "the best cafe in Japan" on date on March 24, 11). It will be that eating out culture roots in living.

 On the other hand, how about sushi of lunch? We calculated "sushi" (lunch) of household economy survey in the same way as sushi of eating out for three years on the average. Then Nagoya is the first place for 15,221 yen. It becomes Shizuoka, Otsu, Kanazawa, order called Hamamatsu as follows. By the way, Gifu of eating out enthusiast is the 26th place. We do not seem to like sushi of lunch very much.

 Then what happens if we add up eating out and lunch of sushi? Then Kanazawa is the top of the whole country for 32,851 yen. We follow by Nagoya, Gifu, Hamamatsu, order called Utsunomiya as follows. Kanazawa who came to high rank with above various indexes occasionally adds to presence at a stretch here.

 We consider that "sushi kingdom" is in Japan in at least 3-4 places and look good.


Freelance writer (Shinya Hanasaki) Jiji Press delivery article 2013, December

☆ Ranking does not express the local superiority and inferiority

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