Association participation privilege

Window of management power & business power for sushi restaurant management

Is common nationwide; the handling of ticket! For more information:
Sushi ticket is face value 500 yen. You purchase for the purpose of gift-giving use to customer.
It is common throughout 42 metropolis and districts of the whole country and can plan sales promotion, too.
For example, 100,000 pieces circulate every year in Tokyo.
In addition, we reach 11,357,227 pieces of number of foregoing volume issuance, 55 billion yen in 1997.

Free making of homepage, portable site!
We advertise in Yahoo! local people or sushi bar guides!
For more information:
Customer service that reporting is important on the Internet now.
It leads to advertising depending on operation, and business power becomes improving. At the same time to make homepage of shop in association, "sushi bar guide" of your town "Yahoo! We publish in local people "Gifu gourmet restaurant guide" and call in people seeing.
Access increase is anticipated in shop where already has homepage.
Shop where sushi bar wants to go most! 
But there is image that is hard to enter at the same time.
Customer becomes easy to enter when we know shop earlier.
People deciding destination using the Internet at the workplace or home increase more and more regardless of the generation. Let's take measures together.

Installment of food poisoning compensation insurance is the lowest! For more information:
We dissolve uneasiness risk in the case of emergency.
For example, when the contract compensation ceiling with less than 30 million yen of sushi restaurant sales per year joins by 20 million yen, 2,100 yen (monthly basis 176 yen) a few annual premium.
Of returning Ada for trust of customer let's do so that there is not.

By cable broadcasting in store moisture and vigor! For more information:
Admission fee 31,500 yen exemption. Cable broadcasting fee for use 25% discount!
Furthermore, tuner apparatus, antenna lend gratis.
As monthly basis fee for use 80 channel 4,200 yen discounts by 25%, annual sum 12,600 yen becomes advantageous, too.
You can direct store in BGM music selected carefully, too. (we estimate wiring construction cost separately)

Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers karaoke fee for use 20% discount! For more information:
It is 8,800 yen a year discount in standard shop. Prefecture due is the same as mere state only in this.
Furthermore, we increase to 27% discount when we pay six months ago and use together.

8,700 facilities of the whole country discount, and they treat warmly by union member card!
Super "Amica" for duties point up!
For more information:
Welfare program is one of the corporate strategy, too. We can cope with the person, family, employee, part-time hope.
Fee can join for 500 yen (in the case of member of normal company, it is fee 4,200 yen → three years a year 12,600 yen) in three years.
Anyway, hotel, tourist facility are cheap, and usage is easy, too!

Of customer card payment
Settlement fee falls!
We lend to cost reduction of shop with card terminal ozu - tto for free.
Most card member companies are usable in one.
We OK wallet carrying.

Funds for equipment are furnished with at low interest by governmental government finance company! For more information:
It is conjugated from Japanese system financing government finance company by operating funds, funds for equipment, the stocking vehicle purchase.
We finance at low interest. 1.25% of / funds for equipment (as of H24.1.20) annual interest is absolutely more advantageous than private financing engine now.
Not giving security with management special counselor window, no guarantor system are utilized, too.

Discount special treatment of celebrity facility which customer can use with pleasure! For more information:
Super popular Nagashima jumbo seawater pool, middle day theater, Misonoza Theatrical theatergoing, famous hotel, a lot of charm including tourist facility entrance!
With large support reduced price, we carry out plan becoming effective for enclosure of customer at any time.

UCC Ueshima coffee and special contract! For more details, to HP of UCC coffee
Cost price that is value is pleased with.
We continue supporting smile of customer.
One cup of brand of trust in pursuit of delicious coffee. We offer "iced coffee" that domestic brand leader selected carefully.

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