Sushi which we buy to go

Selling over the count including sushi assortment, flyer is popular.
You welcome home delivery of cooked foods to neighborhood district, and please feel free to contact.
Shinmachi arcade entrance, green shop are marks.
Flyer (sell over the count) 500 yen Flyer (the shop) 1,100 yen
Popular item which conger eel, various ingredients including eel entered. Sea foods, conger eel, eel enter, too, and please have relaxedly in shop.
To detailed menu list

There is shop at Shinmachi mall, entrance of arcade. As you display chirashi-sushi in store at about 10:00, please drop in.

Business hours From 9:30 to 19:00
Holiday Every Wednesday
The number of the seats <table> *2 seat of four people <the small up> four *1 seat
Sushi Syogetsu (0572) 22-0878 that we take away
1-43, Shinmachi, Tajimi-shi, Gifu

It is guided Tajimi-shi sushi bar to detailed menu list of Syogetsu