Nigiri sushi and sushi banquet dishes, various banquets.
In room looking at Japanese garden relaxedly meal.
It is our joy to be able to be pleased with customer.
Upper nigiri sushi 2,160 yen Sashimi assortment 
One portion 1,080 yen ...
Contents accept budget.
Nigiri sushi utilized fresh material, sushi banquet dishes are delicious.
We accept hors d'oeuvre and sashimi assortment by budget.

★From JR Ena Station a 17-minute walk.
★There are pickup and drop-off (large microbuses).
★We accept home delivery of cooked foods.

Business hours From 11:00 to 14:00, from 17:00 to 21:00
Holiday Only on New Year's Day
(12/31 is business only for takeout)
The number of the seats <counter> 12 people 
<room> 10 to 23 persons, 10 to 15 persons (in the case of private room four)
Parking lot 12 (we add to store)

jushibinoterijuan (0573) 25-1888
40-1, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi, Gifu

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