Full-scale sea foods to pile to container of Mino ware.
Please use Buddhist memorial service, banquet, dinner meeting in various scenes.
We have catered food, lunch reservation tray.
Hold service of noon; 1,100 yen Counter seat (material case)
It is nigiri-zushi, small dish, popular menu with soup. There are other flyer, Tekone-zushi, bowl of tunny slices on boiled rice, Anago-don, too. We select carefully with the fresh, delicious material. Well, what kind of sushi and cooking can you enjoy today?
Conger eel nokabayaki bowl 1,300 yen Tamba set 3,300 yen
Polished rice to cook with earthen pot is delicious plumply. We take stewed foods, soup, pickle. Small appetizer, sashimi, fried food, stewed foods, ceramic ware, nigiri sushi, soup. ※Contents change depending on season.
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We do Tai chi chuan toward the neighboring age. Please for the making of health together! In house of twice a month (once 500 yen) green rest.

[privilege] Tell that you saw fun service (at night) HP.

Business hours From 11:00 to 13:00
From 17:00 to 22:00
(last order 21:30)
Holiday Every Monday
The number of the seats <counter> Ten people
<room> 12 people, 15 people
Parking lot Eight

sushitokotanha (0572) 23-5721
3-2, Miyukimachi, Tajimi-shi, Gifu

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