Meal ticket "sushi ticket" common throughout the whole country

One piece of meal ticket "sushi ticket" common throughout the whole country 500 yen
Any generation presents popularity, "sushi" most!
If it is "sushi ticket", you do not need to understand the preference of the other party!
When the other party wants to eat "sushi ticket", you can use!
It is pleased at such time!
◎Birth celebration ◎ delivery celebration ◎ entrance to school celebration ◎ graduation celebration
◎Employment celebration ◎ complete recovery celebration ◎ a lot of family celebration ◎ visit
◎Midsummer gift ◎ year-end present
It is etc to those other one that was taken care of …
You can use in "sushi ticket dealer" of national sushi association participation shop.
Inquiry of "sushi ticket dealer"
 1) Check in HP of all sushi reams and metropolis and districts sushi associations. List of associations of the whole country
 2) Ask issuance association listed on the back of the sushi ticket.
Attention of the use
●The surface of sushi ticket has mention on expiration date. Please use before time limit.
 ※We cannot use ticket without mention on expiration date. For more information:
●We cannot use ticket without issuance shop mark on the back of the sushi ticket.
Method for purchase of sushi ticket
Please refer to sushi ticket dealer or association office.
In addition, we may have some time on the purchase as dealer may not have stock. Please refer on necessary expenses of the shogunate early.

Sushi ticket dealer
As of January, 2012
Gifu-shi East sushi 425, Kamizaimokucho, Gifu-shi 058-262-1858
  The cooking sushi beauty 1-16, Nagarakoubuncho, Gifu-shi 058-233-7117
  The capital letter cedar branch 10, Osugicho, Gifu-shi 058-262-8118
  Fujiya 10, Koyanagicho, Gifu-shi 058-264-0583
  Quit sushi; the head office 9, Yayoicho, Gifu-shi 058-262-1489
  Make Kotobuki; cheap branch 4, Koyanagicho, Gifu-shi 058-262-2809
  Gold sushi 10-4, Kaburagicho, Gifu-shi 058-264-6944
  Sushi dragon 1, Rokujoomizo, Gifu-shi-cho 058-273-3030
  Sushi good luck 2-108, Seika-cho, Gifu-shi 058-252-1994
  Sushi dragon 1-16, Kashimacho, Gifu-shi 058-251-0544
   We do Marufuku Kotobuki 5-72, Hikie, Gifu-shi 058-279-0184
   Sushi do 2-12, Kamurocho, Gifu-shi 058-263-3580
We scratch in this 3-3, Wakamiyacho, Gifu-shi 058-266-5051
Ogaki-shi Sushi good luck 2-29, Kuruwamachihigashi, Ogaki-shi 0584-81-1381
  Sushi and a half 1-53, Takayacho, Ogaki-shi 0584-78-4915
Kakamigahara-shi Kitahachi 8, Nakahonmachi, Kakamigahara-shi 058-383-5788
  1,000 comfort 3-2, Unumamitsuikecho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-384-0084
  Chitose 6-28, Unumakakamigaharacho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-385-1563
  New Year's song of celebration sushi Soharanoguchicho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-383-1720
  Tanaka of sushi Sinus firmness ke hill 21-72 in front of Kakamigahara-shi Naka 058-382-6821
  Marubi sushi 2-109, Nyukaicho, Kakamigahara-shi 058-383-9054
   Sushi is like that 4-278, Maedohigashimachi, Kakamigahara-shi 058-386-9562
Kani-shi sushikosohonten Hiromi, Kani-shi 660-6 0574-62-0191
Tajimi-shi Ueno sushi 4-82, Otowacho, Tajimi-shi 0572-22-3032
  Syogetsu sushi 1-43, Shinmachi, Tajimi-shi 0572-22-0878
  We do hazakiya Kotobuki 674-18, Oharicho, Tajimi-shi 0572-22-6459
  Tamba 3, Miyukimachi, Tajimi-shi 0572-23-5721
Toki-shi Mino sushi 43-8, Izumichokujiri, Toki-shi 0572-54-6318
  Chicken cheap branch dokishikyushirihigashihoncho 603-3 0572-55-3054
  Pine sushi 2169, Tokitsuchotokiguchi, Toki-shi 0572-55-4501
  Irregularity to do Kotobuki, and to establish place Hidacho, Toki-shi human manure field 2968-9 0572-55-5110
Pine sushi 2169-19, Tokitsuchotokiguchi, Toki-shi 0572-55-4501
Mizunami-shi kiteya 953-146, Suechomashizume, Mizunami-shi 0572-85-3495
  Fist 2-18-2, Matsugasecho, Mizunami-shi 0572-68-6892
Ena-shi binoterijuan 40-1, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi 0573-25-1888
  Igarashi 1126-26, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi 0573-25-2850
  * n joy sushi 1183-11, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi 0573-26-4353
  Treasure sushi 251-2, Oicho, Ena-shi 0573-25-5146
  Gold sushi 1085, Osashimachokusumi, Ena-shi 0573-25-7212
 Shirakawa-cho Make Kotobuki; good luck 1632, Kawamata, Shirakawa-cho, Kamo-gun 0574-72-1708

Privilege TOP Is common nationwide; ticket The Internet Fraternal insurance Cable broadcasting Karaoke fee for use discount
Union member card Low interest financing   Discount special treatment of famous facility

Gifu sushi dealer association TEL (0573) 25-1888
〒509-7205 40-1, Osashimachonakano, Ena-shi, Gifu binoterijuannai MAP