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Of jushitoko boasting conger eel, east body one is guaranteed.
Thing which is seasonal good thing taste. Have authentic sushi!
Please consult about home delivery of cooked foods, catering. Approximately 1 minute on foot from Tokishi Station.
Upper sushi 2,000 yen The Matsumae sushi current price
※Approximately 1,000 yen - 1,500 yen
Many taste to want you to eat. We grasp hard to understand the taste of fish. 10-2 these past months limitation. Grease appears and is delicious. New Year holidays use is popular, too.
With snacks, single dish, liquor prepares delicious thing at night, too.
We take fried conger eel. It is the current price, but is around 2,400 yen with eight.
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Continue grasping; and 40 several years. We like talking with customer. We look forward to drinking. We look forward to going to one-day hot spring on holiday.

★It is approximately 1 minute on foot from Tokishi Station.

[privilege] Fun service ※Tell that you saw HP.

Business hours From 11:00 to 13:30, from 17:00 to 22:00
Holiday Every Tuesday
The number of the seats <counter> Five people
<overhanging room> Eight people, two people *2 seat
Parking lot Two (Uhula of store) + mall parking lots are available, too.

ritsukuichoyasu (0572) 55-3054
603, Izumichokujiri, Toki-shi, Gifu

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