Yanagase Koyanagi-cho
Make Kotobuki; cheap branch

We grasp along hope of customer. We cook.
Straight use, kombu of the sea near the shore are homemade, too. Shop of sushi enthusiast.
There is souvenir corner including Matsumae sushi.
Upper sushi 2,000 yen Matsumae sushi 1,300 yen
We grasp with the material which kept on choosing. Popular menu. Take-out is popular among at the time of festivals, too.
From Kagoshima, Satsuma Ebisu "do Kotobuki; cheap", there is shochu of brand, too.
To detailed menu list

Originally we like fish and love surf-fishing. The number of times to go to decreases, but must do our best recently!

Business hours From 17:00 to 1:30 (O.S.) ※Closure is up to customer.
Holiday Every Sunday ※We may be changed.
The number of the seats <counter> Eight eight people <room>
Parking lot Please use neighboring parking lots including Wakamiya P.

Make Yanagase Koyanagi-cho Kotobuki; cheap branch (058) 262-2809
4, Koyanagicho, Gifu-shi, Gifu

We do Kotobuki, and it is guided Gifu-shi sushi bar to detailed menu list of cheap branch